Smashing Plates

Greekstore plates for smashing provide an alternative for your celebrations rather than real crockery.

Plates are the size of a side dish (approximately 20cm) and are plain white. Email us for a quote.

We offer two types of plates for your consideration:

Clay plates by Bendigo Pottery:

$2 AUD per plate

$24 AUD per dozen (12 plates)


Handmade plaster plates by Greekstore (minimum three weeks notice required):

$1.50 AUD per plate

$18 AUD per dozen (12 plates)

Smashing plates are very popular and our best selling product which means we do sell out from time to time.

We recommend you give us as much notice as possible to place your order and avoid disappointment.

*** Smashing Plates are available for pick up from Reservoir, VIC upon prior arrangement just by emailing us.

Due to their fragility and high postage costs, we do not send internationally (outside Australia).

What is the difference between the plaster and clay plates?
The key difference between smashing plates and the normal kitchen ones is the smashing plates are unglazed and hence cannot be eaten from.
The plaster plates are handmade by us from casting plaster and are sun dried. They are light and fragile. They are like chalk and have a powdery feel. Since each one is handmade, the thickness of each plate may slightly differ.
The clay ones by Bendigo Pottery are machine made and oven dried. They have a consistent finish, are heavier and more durable so be mindful of the floor you wish to smash them on as they may dent wooden floors. If dancefloors can withstand stilettos, they can withstand plate smashing!
Often venues throw down a drop sheet/tablecloth/tarp to smash the plates on to both prevent damage to their floors and for ease of cleaning as they do get very messy!